First of all I would like to apologize for not posting this last week. For those who don’t know I’m a student and that sadly means that during my exam periods I’m very short in time and it’s very difficult to stay up to date. For that reason I normally avoid to trade during those periods because I’m just not focused enough.

In our last post we suggested that as long as nothing changed we should still try to look forward to open long positions in the intraday or very short term to try the long impulses of the stock market.

And that’s what I have tried to do these days. With ECB QE coming this week I would have tried to open long positions according to my trading system. In the next graph we can see how last Wednesday my system was suggesting to open a long position on US500 future when ADX, TRIX, and Ichimoku where all suggesting the market will go long, at 2027.


So if I had had the time to trade I would have probably opened this trade and I’ll be long right now on the market.  I will have closed part of my position at 2060, the last maximum and ill have another half of my trade still longing the market.

Nuño Pérez del Barrio