DONT TOUCH! That’s what I think. It’s going up with a lot of power and it’s over any maximum or resistance so it’s very difficult to predict where it could stop. However it’s easy to notice that’s gone far away already and that oscillators are much overbought. It’s not going to go up to heaven, at least not without doing a correction at some point.

For that reason I think it should be DON’T TOUCH! I can’t recommend a short because it’s difficult to predict a top but it’s too late for longs.

As overbought as it is right now I think the correction should be close. Im very positive about Europe in general and more with the resistance breaking that we’ve seen now so id like to propose a ‘buy the dip’ kind of strategy. We should wait for corrections and try to get into the market then.

For this I propose that we should keep an eye on 10,600 and 10,800 levels that’s I think are very interesting supports for a possible correction.

DAX30 26-02-2015